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How To Build A Recessed Wall Shelf

The wall shelves can be easily installed in a closet or in any other room and you can deposit on them books, boxes, shoes, clothes, toys or even tools. In this article we show you how to build wall shelves in a small closet under the stairs, but they can be installed in virtually any room. Your shelf should closely resemble the above picture. It’s a simple box that doesn’t require complex joinery so don’t overcomplicate it.

My goal is to teach people how to fix up their homes and decorate them with DIY projects that are perfect for their space. Slide the next sheet of OSB on top of the shed shelving and screw it in place around the perimeter with 3″ screws. Place a 24″ wide sheet of OSB on top of the frame, and screw it into place from the top with 3″ screws. Before I could start building, I needed to dig out the mess and get it organized. Obviously, my previous system of throwing everything into the corner wasn’t working .

Nail or glue to the back of the shelf unit.Another solution is to use a cross-brace instead of one piece of board. This needs to be slightly wider than the shelf boards, so that it can be hammered or glued on top of the unit. Cleats are easy and ideal for this unit. Place two bricks together on the floor space selected.

I used 14”x14” for the bottom two rows because my shelves are 14″ deep and 14″ high. The top row supports are 9″x14″ because the shelves are 14″ deep and 9″ high. Learn how to build closet shelves for any closet in your home. These DIY closet shelves are inexpensive and easy to customize for any size closet. Using humble materials and simple techniques, you can put up any of these garage shelves and squash clutter in less than one weekend.

After you have finished installing the dowels in the drywall, you have to secure the bracket shelves with screws. Use a screwdriver with torque control, in order to do this operation. The screwdriver must be used at low to medium speeds, as to avoid cracking the wood. In addition, do not insert the screw too much in the hole, because it might damage the wood board. Pay attention and do not underestimate the importance of this step, because it represents the core of the project.

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