Complete a solitary rack or even floating nook

Building A Floor

One bar for hanging clothes and one high shelf. Plus a small bookcase I stuck in there to add a bit more storage. Make old crates useful by hanging them on the wall, like this clever two-tone shelving. Here, they’re used to store makeup and nail polish — but you could also stock them with spices or knickknacks. Line your side board up with the back support and make sure it’s level.

Just for reference, walls and floor joist are placed at 16″ intervals. So, you should not need anything closer than that. Because I was working alone, I needed to create a second set of hands. To do that, I just cut a few small pieces from a 2×4 to use as a temporary ledge on which I could rest my support boards. I attached one of these temporary ledges to the wall where each end of a 2×4 would rest. I lined each temporary ledge up with the guidelines that I had laid out previously.

This breadboard edge is a tongue-and-groove joint where the tongue is cut on a piece of hardwood that will fit into a groove in the edge of the shelf plywood. The plywood is wrapped on all four sides with this tongue-and-groove hardwood edging, using 45-degree mitered corner joints. This tongue can provide a considerable amount of strength to a shelf, although it can be a bit time consuming to construct properly.

Slap a label on those things and figure out a system for installing them on these DIY shelves. Check the clearance in your basement or garage before starting any of these projects. These simple and clean looking DIY Garage Shelves by Ana White are a perfect project for a rainy day garage cleanup. One of our favorite things about these plans is that there is a video tutorial. If you are not sure if this project is one you would like to take on, watch part of the video and decide for yourself if this is something you can do.

Here are a few shelving ideas that can be done with minimal tools and time. Thank you for reading our article on how to build and install wall shelvesand we recommend you to check out the rest of our furniture projects. Don’t forget to share our articles with your friends, by using the social media widgets.

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